Intergalactic Peace Jelly

Jammin' Funky Tones

Intergalactic Peace Jelly is an improvisational rock band from Boulder, CO that consists of JD Rodgers (vocals, guitar, harmonica); Andrew Schuster (guitar, vocals); Max Gilbraith (bass, vocals); Evan DePuy (percussion); Gordon Lindley (drums); and Erique Johson (keys, synth). With a wide range of influences that spans from Grateful Dead to Metallica and beyond, I.P.J. have developed a style unique unto themselves. Catchy melodies and memorable lyrics blend seamlessly into extensive experimental jams, ensuring both a comfortable familiarity to all fans, as well as assurance that no two shows will ever be the same.

Since their incarnation in 2014, Intergalactic Peace Jelly has played extensively at esteemed venues throughout Colorado, including The Lazy Dog, Fiske Planetarium, Cervantes Masterpiece, Agave, and Slow Groovin' BBQ; and has opened for Marco Benevento, Amoramora, Metafonics, and a variety of other prominent local acts. Their debut EP, Allegedly Gelatinous, is available for download on iTunes, or in physical form at any IPJ event.

Keep an eye out-- if you live in Colorado or any of the surrounding states, Peace Jelly will be coming your way very soon.